How It Works

Give Your Students Every Opportunity

Registering for My Action Pack is quick & easy.


Simply register your amateur sports team, school project or organization on our website and upload your logo. We customize our "Little Gold Book of Big Value" for you, which consists of $600+ worth of FREE products and services (not 2-for-1's or discounts), and prominently features your team or school's logo displayed on the cover. Your team sells your Action Packs for $25.00 each and you keep $15.00 for every book sold!


There's no commitment & no cost to you.

What's the best campaign length?


There is no minimum or maximum duration with Action Packs, however experience has indicated that a 4-week period is optimal. When your sellers are given too much time or have an undefined end date, there tends to be a lack of focus or urgency, and your results will suffer accordingly.

Delivery & Pick-Up

Your customized books will be personally delivered to you within a few days of registering and we will return at the close of your effort to reconcile payment due ($10 per sale) as well as collect any unsold books (must be in new condition to return).

Due to the limited quantity available, we recommend that you register early to reserve your books even though your campaign may still be weeks or months away.


When you register with My Action Pack, you receive a FREE Customized Sales Aid Sheet to assist in your sales campaign.

  • E-mailable and printable.

  • Contains your logo/name.

  • Clearly describes the book and all the free offers inside.

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