The Top 10 Tips for Selling My Action Pack Books

Planning an upcoming fundraiser for your school, team or club? Build your sellers' confidence and My Action Pack book sales! Pass on these tips, and be sure to provide a written list of all the details; your group's needs and goals, deadlines, etc. as well as any selling materials that will help them succeed.

1. Make a list

Start with friends and relatives. Who likes free product and service offers? Everyone! Don't forget to ask neighbors, the people you work with, go to the church with, your doctor, dentist, hair stylist, etc. Lots of people will be willing to help your group fundraise.

2. Contact everyone on your list

People you know will want to help you and will appreciate the value you are offering. Check off the names on your list after you contact them, either in person, by phone or e-mail, and remember to follow-up on the people you could not reach on the first try.

3. Always take your My Action Pack books with you

Just about any place can be a selling opportunity. Classes, sporting events, family gatherings, etc. You can also enlist family members to take a sample book or customized information flyers to activities and work (doctor's offices and hair salons are great outlets). Send out digital copies of your My Action Sales Aid sheet.

4. Represent your group

When you're selling, be polite and enthusiastic. If possible, wear a uniform, t-shirt, or cap identifying your group. Tell potential customers your name and group, what you're selling, and why you're raising money. Explain exactly what their purchase will do for you and your group, and what the My Action Pack book will do for them (save lots of money!)

5. Know the book

Before you start selling, look through the My Action Pack book and get to know the offers. Mention some of the more popular places and practice your lines.

6. There is something for everyone

There's more to the My Action Pack book than just one or two types of products or services. There is truly something for everyone!

7. Show 'em the book!​​

That's all it takes. Make sure your customers look through the book and point out the popular places you know they'll like. They're sure to find restaurants and merchants they already visit as well new places they want to try.

8. Upsell

These books offer great value and there's something for everyone. The book will sell itself, but you can sell more. Ask the customer how many cars they own. People carry their books in their purses and cars, so they need a book for every car. My Action Pack books also make for great birthday and holiday gifts: "Do you know someone who would appreciate this book as a gift?"

9. Practice "Safe Selling"

If you are selling in your neighborhood, stick to familiar neighbors and never enter a stranger's home. Use the buddy system and/or have an adult come along.

10. Have fun!

My Action Packs is a quick & easy fundraiser. Be enthusiastic and, as always, have fun.

Interested in learning more about My Action Pack and how it can take your fundraiser to the next level? Give us a call at 1 (800) 586-5537 or visit our website and fill out our contact form.

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