Can Snapchat Help Your Fundraiser?

Snapchat is quickly emerging as a useful marketing complement for many types of communication campaigns. As such, it got us thinking – how can local organizations use Snapchat to assist their fundraising in the future?

Learn from previous examples Increasingly we're seeing major brands head over to Snapchat: McDonald's, Nando's, Taco Bell and fashion shows around the world have got on board, as well as some news outlets. Look around and follow their examples and techniques. Is your local, regional or national online news site heading over to Snapchat? Perhaps the way they cover bulletins could inspire a fundraising bulletin.

Be creative Think about how Snapchat can complement your current communication methods to volunteers, donors, fundraisers or supporters. If you are using text messages to send out a message on the day of an event, maybe your fundraiser would like to see a "good luck" picture before they set off on their challenge.

Do make exclusive content You need to make content that your audience want to see. Use Snapchat for forthcoming campaign teasers and give your audience exclusive content. Planning a big event? Share something from behind the scenes, or even give your fundraisers on Snapchat an early bird price to your next event.

Think about the benefits Yes, it's another platform for you to be monitoring, but do the pros outweigh the cons? If brands and news groups are heading over to Snapchat, are there benefits your school, sports team or club can get from it, too? Snapchat gives you the potential to get news, views and campaign information right into your supporter's hand, on a platform they are using daily.

Don't expect the world to be on Snapchat It's probably fair to say that Snapchat is not going to be the main channel of communication you have with your online community. There is currently very little information about its demographics, so don't neglect the channels you're already using.

Don't forget your great ideas If you're sitting on an idea that you're not sure how to get out there, don't forget about it. Think about how it might work alongside a different platform like Snapchat; it might just give it a new angle.

Don't ignore it With reportedly more than 30 million users worldwide and over 400 million photos being shared every day, there's a community out there for you. What do you know already about your online community and are they likely to be using Snapchat? Keep your eyes and ears open, because if that is where your supporters are talking, surely you want to be involved in the conversation.

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